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FlameNetwork » 1.0.0 | Network + Skyblock Update (August 2019)

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Feb 23, 2019
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1.0.0 | Network + Skyblock Update (August 2019)
Hi everyone,

For a while we were hinting towards an update happening to FlameNetwork and finally it's happened. Yesterday Flame was closed for maintenance to introduce the new updates. We hope you all enjoy the new features added to Skyblock!

Network Update
For those of you who aren't already aware we have introduced a to FlameNetwork. The hub is connected to by default when joining and has been added in preparation for our new release which will be released soon. This was added now to minimise downtime of the network.

SkyBlock Update
» First of all we have added Envoys into the pvp arena. Envoys happen at a set time period and have 3 different crate variants that drop different levels of rewards. You can find envoys happening everyday at warp pvp. Envoys happen every 5 hours.
Example command /envoy time

» We have added Quests! Quests are missions you can complete daily. Type /quests to complete 100's of quests in seven different categories. The image below shows an example Quest category.
Example Quests Category (Extreme)

» We have also added Marriages to the server. You can now /marry your future real life partner in-game! This is just a fun little feature to complete for /marry list top.
Example completion message when executing /marry (player)

» For the fourth change we have added ChatReactions. This is in an effort to liven up the chat and also gives rewards such as Money & mob-coins as an incentive to complete the chat task.
Example ChatReaction + Completion

» For our fifth change this is one that hasn't quite happened yet. Crate will be buffed in the next few days to give better rewards and make them more worth purchasing. This is highly requested by players and we have decided to incorporate this update into skyblock!
Legendary Treasure Rewards

» Finally and maybe the most anticipated update, the new god rank. The god rank has been released. Perks are able to be viewed at
Chat format for God

Thank you for sticking with us and I hope you are as excited for the future of Flame as we are!

If you have any questions, please let me know and I’ll respond when I can.



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