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  1. CreepersplaysMC

    Reported Player: AJ_Kinney & Nas

    Hi Thank you for your report. I'll be starting an investigation into this issue I will bring it up to the rest of Management and let you know when we have an update. Regards Creeper Staff Manager
  2. CreepersplaysMC

    well i never thought i would have to make this thread

    You're also always free to re-appeal after waiting for a while. Instant appeals usually aren't accepted.
  3. CreepersplaysMC

    Aj report

    Hi, Thank you for your report. Though clearly in your screenshot you did more than just the #AJThePedo comment I believe you have also been told not to joke about this before, especially since it was a false claim and punishment. Feel free t appeal your mute if you would like to. Report...
  4. CreepersplaysMC

    Been Solved

    This issue has been resolved. Thread Locked. Regards, Creeper
  5. CreepersplaysMC

    Skyblock - Infinite xp

    The double marriage XP has been disabled. This should have fixed the issue, if not feel free to post another bug report. The change may not take effect until the server restarts so you might wait for a bit before testing again. Thread Closed. Regards Creeper.
  6. CreepersplaysMC

    Been Solved

    Hi, Thank you for the report. I'll look into this later when I have more time. For now, you have been unjailed. Regards Creeper
  7. CreepersplaysMC

    Rank for rpg.

    Go ahead and contact Dark on discord and he should be able to get you sorted out. Darkstar2508#5512 Regards
  8. CreepersplaysMC


    I'll tag crafty so he can take a look at this as well. @CraftyBr
  9. CreepersplaysMC

    Unban Request/Appeal TheDarkMythGamer

    I'll tag crafty so he can see this and take care of it. @CraftyBr
  10. CreepersplaysMC

    Im back

    Well hi there and welcome back. We are still working on Flame. Skyblock is waiting on a few things and RPG is currently in development. You should join the discord for more frequent updates.
  11. CreepersplaysMC

    Discord Ban Appeal/Asking for Information

    I'll bring this up with dark and see what he wants to do. We were made aware of you making a server, and talking bad about Flame RPG. For being such an advocate for the server you definitely have more negative comments to say about the server than excitment. The main reason the discussion was...
  12. CreepersplaysMC

    An assortment of suggestions

    The link on creative should be fixed again.
  13. CreepersplaysMC

    An assortment of suggestions

    Is it broken on both skyblock and creative? Edit: Fixed the creative link
  14. CreepersplaysMC

    What's your hobbies?

    Welp my life has been invalidated.
  15. CreepersplaysMC

    What's your hobbies?

    Does being a broke college student qualify as a hobby?
  16. CreepersplaysMC

    Reality is often disappointing

    Reality is often disappointing
  17. CreepersplaysMC

    I changed it for you

    I changed it for you
  18. CreepersplaysMC

    [Skyblock] Bugged item in Magical and Mythical crate

    This has been taken care of as stated above. Locked. Regards Creeper
  19. CreepersplaysMC

    [Report]: SuperLukasPlayz

    They were banned.
  20. CreepersplaysMC

    Skyblock Suggestions

    Will mention MobStacker to Dark along with blaze stuff. No idea why rename only works on pickaxes.