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  1. ThatGuyXD123

    A naturally spawning orb

    ThatGuyXD123 RPG It would be a naturally spawning orb, where what could be used is used commands to make a Mana Talisman look as if it is just floating using armor stands, the player could then walk into or punch the orb/mana talisman and then in return could get somewhere around 5-10 sp (spell...
  2. ThatGuyXD123

    Water wont work correctly

    IGN - ThatGuyXD123 Gamemode - RPG Water blocks don't flow correctly, if u try and pick some up with a bucket in a infinite water source, water may or may not fill that spot in, if you try and make water flow either down like a waterfall or just around on flat land it may randomly cut itself off...
  3. ThatGuyXD123

    My drive thru order for the space aliens

    So I would like a Cheeseburger with pickles. I would also like a medium Coke, NO ice, and a medium fries.
  4. ThatGuyXD123

    Skyblock - Infinite xp

    If you are married with someone you get the "You gained __ extra xp for you partner being online!" when you get xp, and its always x2 what you had, so when you do /bottle 1000, then break the bottle at your feet with your partner online you get 2k xp in return, then you can do /bottle 2000 and...
  5. ThatGuyXD123

    Resolved Minion level, blocks mined, and chest connected to keeps resetting

    I have 2 minions (1 from purchasing and 1 from God rank) and one of them keeps getting set back to level 1, keeps having its blocked mined reset, and keeps getting un-linked from its chest, this happens constantly to only it, the other one works perfectly fine. No clue what is happening.
  6. ThatGuyXD123

    [ChestSell] Not working

    I purchased chest sell at the flame store, got my stuff and when I put [ChestSell] on the top line of a chest it just acts like I put a normal sign there, not doing anything, I've also tried doing other similar things instead of [ChestSell] like ChestSell, [chestsell], and more. If anyone knows...