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  1. Yeval

    Plugin suggestion: Diseases

    Your IGN: YevalWasTaken Gamemode Suggestion is for: RPG Description: Diseases plugin on RPG, adds diseases to the game. It was fun while on RPG in the past.
  2. Yeval


    Creeper? Amen So we back in the church Got our homies praying to Jesus Christ Jesus Christ This prayer a loving one Hope to find some peace of mind Peace of mind, Peace of mind Heads up Hear a sound, turn around and look up Total shock fills your body Amen it's Jesus Christ I could never forget...
  3. Yeval

    Christian Dinosaurs

    So I was balls deep in my bible (as the kids these days say) and during my Bible Discussion and Study Meeting session and I was wondering what the most holy dinosaur was. My opinion is that the brachiosaurus is obviously the most holy but I'd like to hear everyone elses opinion. Jesusaurus...