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  1. Darkstar2508

    FlameNetwork » 1.1.1 | RPG Release (January 2020)

    Hi there, We are excited to finally announce the official re-release of RPG After a long wait, the server is finally ready to be released to the Public once again. It has taken us a while however we feel we have finally created a server that everyone will be able to enjoy. RPG Will be...
  2. Darkstar2508

    FlameNetwork » 1.0.0 | Network + Skyblock Update (August 2019)

    1.0.0 | Network + Skyblock Update (August 2019) Hi everyone, For a while we were hinting towards an update happening to FlameNetwork and finally it's happened. Yesterday Flame was closed for maintenance to introduce the new updates. We hope you all enjoy the new features added to Skyblock...